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Buy Bose Solo 5 TV sound system – Factory-Renewed | eBay
Bose Solo 5 TV sound system - Factory-Renewed | eBayGet This Deal

Bose Solo 5 TV sound system – Factory-Renewed | eBay
this is a good item if you want to up your poor tv speakers and add better sound. it will not blow you away and is not like surround sound units at all. pretty much in a nutshell, it makes things coming from your tv a little bit louder and clearer. the remote is solid, in a Bose kind of way. it’s big and clunky, you’ll probably not lose it!!! you will need it to toggle back and forth from the voice enhancement button due to the fact that sound will change going from video source to source (my local news doesn’t sound good using it, but movie dialog is much improved). it does not get loud like surround sound systems and you’ll probably wonder why as I am also wondering, but again….it’s not a surround sound system, but makes your tv sound better than the speakers. remote is pretty easy to program. Bluetooth music sounds very good and is easy to connect to your device. if you currently own a surround sound system and expect it to replace it in a smaller package look elsewhere. this isn’t it. while it’s a good, simple set up (one digital optical audio cable is included for input, no HDMI) it’s not going to give you that “theatre sound”. what it will do is make it easier for you to hear dialog and improve your TV’s sound slightly. if you are looking for Bose “warmth” (those of you who say you are audiophiles-btw, there is no such thing, person or animal, get over yourself) you won’t get it here. it is a solid unit with just a bit better sound quality than most televisions. good for the older generation who don’t want to tinker with all that audio set up stuff. so remember, it’s not surround sound….and it may not even get as loud as your current television (if you have a huge tv). works well in smaller areas, otherwise I think it would be overwhelmed by a large area. and no, it isn’t that impressive sound wise. just gives your tv that little “extra” your speakers may not be able to. keep your expectations at a minimum, glad I bought mine refurbished and saved a lot. wouldn’t have wanted to pay full price.

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