Buy 64 PCS Guitar Accessories Kit, ZALALOVA All-in 1 Guitar Tool Changing Kit Including Guitar Picks, Capo, Acoustic Guitar Strings, String Winder, Bridge Pins, Pin Puller, Guitar Bones & Pick Holder by
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Smooth and Balanced Strings: Package includes 3 sets of guitar strings, one gold set, one brass set and one multicolor set. Each string set contains 6 durable Replacement strings and each string is mathematically optimized for a balanced in size E-1st .012 inch/0.3mm; B-2nd .016inch/0.4mm; G-3rd .024inch/0.6mm; D-4th .032inch/0.81mm; A-5th .042inch/1.06mm; E-6th .053inch/1.34mm, affordable for guitar beginners to do exercise.
High Quality and Sensitive Tuner – Turn it on, clip it on, choose corresponding mode, play the strings and adjust until the pointer is centered, the LED display changes from blue to green. It fits to guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and chromatic.
3Thickness guitar picks and portable pick holder: Includes 9 pieces celluloid guitar picks, 3 thin (0.46mm), 3 medium(0.71mm) and 3 heavy(0.96mm) gauges, providing a natural feel and warm, fat tone. Also comes with one bonus pick holder, you can stick it to your guitar and keeps picks close at hand. 5 finger picks as bonus!
More Complete – String winders help tighten strings and get pins out. Cutter cut off excess strings. Guitar capo not only quickly change between frets, but also can pull out the string nail more easily.
Guitar Pins & Bone Bridge Saddle Nut – Comes with 12pcs guitar pins (6 ivory and 6 black, made of ABS) and 2pcs guitar bones (1 bone nut and 1 bone saddle), fits for most acoustic guitar.

Package includes:
1 x Guitar capo
1 x 3 in 1 guitar string winder cutter and pin puller
9 x Guitar picks in three size (random color)
12 x Guitar pins
3 x Guitar strings
1 x Guitar pick holder (random color)
1x Guitar Bridge bone nut and bone saddle
5 x Bonus finger picks (random color)
NOTE: Guitar strings are suitable for 30”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 39”, 40”, 41” acoustic guitar, not suitable for electric guitar or classical guitar.

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