Buy Petisal Catnip Toys Safe Catnip Simulation Fish cat/Kitty/Kitten chew Stick Toy 3PCS by Petisal
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20cm(7.8in) length, realistic fish design; sturdy harmless fabric, no worry to be chewed away by kittens.
Fresh catnip, attractive and lasting.
Don’t use this toy too frequently, or cat may be not excited about catnip any more. Seal this toy after using it, in order to keep it in the best status.
Better not to give one toy to several cat at the same time, to avoid any skirmish, after all, it is too attractive to kittens.
It was suggested to use this toy to older than 8 months kittens.

Catnip fish is soft and comfortable, the printing and dyeing is clear and lifelike, the material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, catnip taste deep and lasting, is one of the favorite toys for cats.

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