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✔ FOOD GRADE MATERIAL – The silicone basting brush are made of 100% food grade,BPA free,FDA approved silicone, it can withstand heat up to 480 degrees fahrenheit.
✔ USER-FRIENDLY – Comfortable handling with a nice and flexible grip. Perfect for BBQ & extreme heat. Also, the long handle will keep you safe from heat pressure.
✔EFFICIENT SPREAD – The Basting|Pastry|BBQ brush has 4rows of 15 bristles(smaller one) , 5 rows of 17 bristles(larger one) designed to mop up and hold generous amounts of liquid (BBQ sauce, oil, butter glaze) on to your food.
✔ EASY TO CLEAN & DRY – Unlike feather or nylon brushes, our silicone brush is very easy to clean ,dry much quickly. Give no chance to bacteria to grow, bring health to your family.
✔ MULTIPLE USES: Our Basting Brushed are useful whether in the barbeque, kitchen, grilling, roasting, baking, or on a pan. Works great on a variety of food, including meats, pastries, cakes, bread and much more!
There are some troubles you may experience when using nylon bristle brushes, paint brush type of brushes or detachable silicone brushes.
·Hairs come off in food.
·Always get gunky.
·Hard to clean.
·Leftover liquids linger on the brush.
·The handle separates from the brush.
Our silicone basting brushes have none of those disadvantages. Conversely, they have many good features.
√The silicone basting brushes are food grade and healthy for using.
√The basting brushes are able to withstand temperature up to 446°F.
√The basting brushes won’t melt, discolored, or shrink.
√Hole in the handle allows you to hang it for easy access.
√One-piece design avoids shedding of bristles or head falling off.
√A perfect amount of bristles hold basting sauce well.
√Most of marinade can be distributed onto the food and therefore no waste.
√Clean up is a breeze since the basting brush is dishwasher safe. √The basting brushes dry fast with no residue, making them more hygienic.
√The green basting brush with longer handle can keep your hands away from heat.
√You can use different colors for different tasks. No worry about cross-contamination.
√The brushes have multiple uses: basting food with marinades, applying melted butter over rolls, icing pastries, egg washing baked goods, slathering sauce on BBQ and more.

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