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Buy Cabinet Lock Child Safety Baby Proofing Kit -[12-Pack/3 in 1]- 8 Kids Drawer Locks, 2 Proof Cabinets Safety Latches Locks, 2 Sliding Lock, Easy Adhesive, No Tools Needed for Drawers, Cabinets by Symrelock
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Baby proofing kit, fully protect children, give children a safe and happy home, give parents a peace of mind The Symrelock child safety cabinet lock solves the biggest hidden danger in parents. It locks any dangerous items in drawers and cabinets.
➤ Features:
3 in 1 baby proofing kit:
Choose this value pack to save you time, effort and money. There is no need to purchase 4 products separately.
Invisible design:
never ruin the beauty of the furniture, adults can be opened by the magnet key , absolutely safe for the baby.
Easy to install:
the baby lock without the tool cabinet is easy to install, no need for drilling and tools, just peel and paste to complete without damage.
3M Reinforced Patented Adhesive:
Baby proofing cabinet enhances patented adhesive, high viscosity and durable. 3M adhesive can bear Up to 55 pounds.
➤Applicable scene:
8 magnetic cabinet locks + 2 magnetic keys: prevent young children from touching dangerous items or messing things up. Suitable for all kinds of cabinets and drawers.
2x multi-purpose child safety lock:Suitable for refrigerators, microwaves and toilets.
2 sliding cabinet locks: suitable for cabinets, side by side refrigerators, cabinets, lockers, etc.
Tips :
1.Thoroughly clean and dry the mounting surface before installation.
2.When installing the cabinet lock, hold the device firmly for a few seconds. To ensure better adhesion.
3.It is best to wait 12 hours after installation to use the lock.
4.When the temperature is low, you can use a hair dryer to heat the pad to make it stick more firmly.
5.If you want to remove the latch, you can use a hair dryer to heat it for about a minute; then they will fall off easily!

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