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Buy EZ Mouse Trap-6 Pack-Mouse Traps- Mice traps -Trap that works-Quick Kill That Works-Best for Small Mice, Mouse – Reusable Instantly Quick Response Easy Effective – Pest Control -ABS and Steel Material by EZ Mouse Trap
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100 % EFFECTIVE POWERFUL MOUSE TRAP: EZ Mouse Trap innovative design comes with a more responsive and precise trigger mechanism which increases the capturing power with no false triggers making it easier to set up and more efficient than traditional traps.
CLEAN AND TOUCH DESIGN: The durable polystyrene is washable, anti odor and stainless which means that it can be reused without worrying about any odor like traditional mouse traps. To remove the mouse is as easy as pulling back the hammer and the mouse it will easily fall out.
EASY TO SET: It takes less than 10 seconds to properly set up the trap. Just pull back the hammer and set the bait in the cup holder. You can easily set up in discreet places underneath equipment and tight spaces.
SIMPLE, SAFE & SANITARY: Forget about stolen baits and false triggers. The stainless steel spring guaranties 100% effectiveness. This new design is stronger than traditional traps. EZ Mouse trap kills the mice without breaking skin avoiding blood, mess and any odor.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED: We will replace or refund If you have any concerns. EZ Mouse Trap will give you the best service. Experience effective pest control without the exorbitant price tag.
EZ Mouse Trap
Easy to wash
Made of high quality and strong ABS plastic which is easy to wash and won’t leave a bad odor and stains like old-fashioned wood mousetrap do.
Are you tired of always using and buying new mice traps?
EZ Mouse trap can be used multiple times throughout the years. It is durable and its Stainless Steel spring will remain strong as the first time of use.
EZ Mouse trap easy-to-use design and integrated bait cup to hold a mouse attractant or bait make it easier and faster to set than the traditional wood traps and the results are even better.
Just clean it up and set it back again.
Simple, Safe, Sanitary
This trap works with Precision Stainless Steel spring, which means mice won’t escape anymore. It holds the mouse tight with 35% more force than other traps. No more sprung traps and stolen bait.
100% Money Back Guaranteed
We will replace or refund If you have any concern. ABC mouse trap will give you the best service. Experience effective pest control without the exorbitant price tag.
Material: ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel.
Size: 4.14×1.97×2.36 in.
Included: 6 mouse traps.
Step 1: Put the bait or attractant into the bait cup. You may use peanut butter, cheese, jam etc
Step 2: Put the mouse trap on a flat surface. Make sure you keep your finger away from the bait cup; then, press the trigger back until you hear a click.
Step 3: Put the mouse trap in a place where mice often look for food or hide.
Handle with Care, avoid pinching fingers.
Please put the mousetrap where kids and pets can’t touch.
After setting the trap, never touch it with your hand. If you want to release the trap, please use a stick or other tool. DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS.

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