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【Wide Coverage Area and Care for All Family】The coverage area reaches up to 1615 sq.ft, suitable to be used under many situations like rooms, garages, and restaurants
【Easy to Use】 The ultrasonic device kit can be simply plugged in a regular power outlet and will begin to work within its coverage area, no complex installation required. Install it vertically about 20~80cm away from the floor to have a better effect.
【Efficient Ultrasonic Control】 Ultrasonic waves inaudible and friendly to human beings from the ultrasonic plug-in device to bring you good sleep quality.
【Optional Night Light】 Comes with an optional blue night light to light up softly where you install it at night, which helps create a relaxing atmosphere and will not interfere with sleep
【Long and Comprehensive Care】 The device has included 6 packs, which is friendly for your environment where you live and bring you long and comprehensive care
MARNUR Ultrasonic Plug-in Device is an electronic Portable with Night Light, which is friendly for your environment where you live and bring you long and comprehensive care. And it improves your sleep quality.
Friendly to users and the environment.
The night light is available.
Coverage area of the repelling effect reaches up to 1615 sq.ft.
6 repeller are included. Frequency range: 20KHZ-65KHZ
User Tips:
1. Nothing should stay right in front of the product within 1 meter during the use to prevent the reduction of effectiveness.
2. Please avoid installing the product near carpets, curtains and other sound-absorbing materials to prevent the reduction of effectiveness.
3. Please avoid dropping the product from high and avoid intense impact.
4. Please keep the product away from humidity and water.
6 x Ultrasonic Plug-in Device
1 x User manual

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