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Buy VODOF 2 Pack Quilted Pillow for Side Sleeper,Hotel Style Premium Bed Pillow,Standard Size 20 x 26 Inches(Gray Corded Edge) by VODOF
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【Product Features】:This series of pillows is very distinctive, mainly due to the 6 different colors of the corded edge, such as Full Color, White, Navy, Red, Sliver-Gray, and Gray.Enjoy your leisure time that VODOF pillows bring to you while snuggling with your darling. This is a pair of pillows, when you touch it, the feeling is just like touching a cool marshmallow. these pillows offer you unprecedented softness and also superior support to your shoulder.
【Superior Quality】:Our high-quality pillows are fully filled, and their inner core is soft, fluffy, providing natural support and comfort, shaping your head, neck and shoulders. [Good For Side and Back Sleeper]
【Outstanding Designs】: You can take a closer look at the pillow. Apart from its comfort and good quality, its greatest highlight lies in its appearance and design. There is a wrapping edge around a pillow, which easily adds elegance to it. We design several different colors of the wrapping edge for you to choose.
【Colors】:The color design of this pillow is sure to suit your graceful taste Roughly, it looks mostly white, but if you look closely, you will find that we put the design bright point on its wrapping edge by using different colors to decorate. We have designed pillows in two styles, one with colored edge wrapping and the other with pure color edge wrapping just for your different choice and satisfaction. If you buy two pillows, you can match them freely.
【Guarantee】:We always put the customer service in the first place. If you have any questions about our pillows after your receiving, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will spare no effort to help you to solve the problems you have. Or just return it within a limited period of time, we will give you a full refund or a replacement service at once.

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