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RECOIL turns any outdoor space into a digitally enhanced, multiplayer battlefield. Using in-ear surround sound, haptic response weaponry, and smartphone integrated gameplay, players are able to spawn into the middle of the most immersive battlefield they’ve ever experienced. RECOIL is defining a new category of AR competitive game play outside. By purchasing the Starter Set—which includes your game hub (a Wifi Router used to create a 250 square foot radius of gameplay) and two RK-Spitfire pistols— you can choose from a variety of FPS-inspired multiplayer modes, including Team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy.
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Recoil Laser Tag Starter Set by Skyrocket –
A big thanks to whoever had the idea for this toy. It is CRAZY fun. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more—playing the game or listening to my family giggling hysterically as they chased each other around. I purchased the starter pack and one extra gun but may have to get a few more since I’m pretty sure the game can only become more fun with more players. My husband and I put the app on our phones and set up an older iPhone for the third weapon. You can play inside or outside; my favorite was running around outside picking up extra goodies like land-mines, more ammo and airstrikes (which allow you to target a specific other player). The guns vibrate when you shoot, which adds to the fun, and you wear earphones to hear audio from the game and other players. We had a few issues setting everything up but finally got it figured out (i.e. set up the weapons one at a time instead everyone trying at once). The only thing I would suggest to improve on is to make the game’s wifi router stronger or be able to add additional routers to increase the playing area; I ran out of range a few times in my backyard.

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