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Paper Boat Juice, Aamras, 1L: Grocery & Gourmet Foods
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During summer, there is barely a home in western India, be it Gujarat or Rajasthan, that doesn’t partake in the festivity that is Aamras. Sometimes, they have it with milk, sometimes rotis and if time and patience allow, they even make sweets out of it. But the best way to go about Aamras is to have it directly as is. The way the ancients intended. Without preservatives or artificial flavour. Without frills or hassles. An honest treat for an honest day’s work. A silkesque ale cascading down your throat – soothing, serenading and more importantly, lingering. To remind you that the mango is indeed the true king of the fruit realm. And that we cannot help but submit to its tasty tyranny.All hail the mango! Long live the mango! God save the mango! Functional benefits of Aamras: Believe or not, Aamras does have other functional benefits other than tasting like mythical, golden nectar from the heavens. For one thing, it helps prevent heart disease – The Beta- Carotene, Selenium, Potassium and Vitamin-E in the mangoes pretty much ensure that. Being rich in iron and copper, it also helps produce blood corpuscles. In addition to all this, it builds your immune system, aids in digestion, controls blood pressure, prevents anemia, relaxes muscle tissues and occasionally, reminds you of summer vacations. Amazing what select, farm-fresh mangoes, blended to perfection can do for you sometimes.
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