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Ok so first let me say these are soundproof enough that you won’t hear people in the same car with you having a conversation but not if someone is yelling at you. So good enough. Next let’s move on to how they fit. The feeling of them on you is not the best it’s not terrible either though if you wear it for more than 2 hours your ears are going to feel uncomfortable I mean each persons different so maybe not if you got small ears. They connect wirelessly perfectly fine and have a decent distance I’ve walked all around my house with my phone in my room never lost a signal I live in a single story house but it’s got some length to it. One of the only major problems I’ve had with the headset is the sound quality I’m rather disappointed in samsung for this one it’s not disappointing to the point where I’ll retuned them but it is disappointing as to the fact my EarPods have better sound quality then them there is absolutely no amplification to the sound at all it sounds flat. But all in all decent headphones if you want to spend more money on headphones buy beats or bose get real quality headsets if your looking for a good middleman something with a brand behind it and not just terrible quality headsets this works perfectly for that, that is what I was looking for in a headphones and I took a chance on these I and there enjoyable enough although one complaint many people had with these is the quality of plastic is cheap. The quality is not there with these but I’ve had hem shoved in a bag along with many other things they have not cracked or snapped or popped they are still in tact and I would recommend these to someone who doesn’t want spend a lot on headphones but wants quality. That’s about all I have to say. 4/5
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