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LOSE WEIGHT FASTER – This is a top grade product engineered to increase body heat which speeds weight loss during exercise; Protects the lower back muscles from strain; Improves posture when sitting at home or in the office
PREMIUM USA QUALITY – Extra thick, latex-free with 100% Neoprene interior; Heavy duty stitching; Non-slip inner grid technology; Sweat wicking, neoprene soft rubber; Professional grade Velcro to firmly attach; Handy carry bag included to help you stay neat and organized
CONTOURED and FLEXIBLE – Designed to fit you perfectly; Allows exercise without restrictions; Contoured and adjustable to fit your waist amazingly; No smell and easy to wash
SUPPORT LOWER BACK – Designed to provide gentle, abdominal compression and lumbar support; Great to wear for improving posture
USA COMPANY WTH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are an owned and operated US company; We don’t inflate the performance specs; We don’t skimp on quality; We support our customers in fluent English; This includes a no questions asked return policy

Best for men and women
This unisex waist trimmer will perfectly fit you and help you maximize the benefits of your exercise routines. The contoured and flex nature of this waist trimmer makes it the best-fit for your waist. Enjoy the sweat efficiency and comfort that comes with this waist trimmer.
Get your workout on point
With this waist trimmer you are ensured to completely sweat around your abdomen which helps to reduce belly fat faster than without wearing one. You will be eager to work out more once you see how effectively you are sweating and realizing your goals.
High quality & well-thought design
This is a one-of-a-kind waist trimmer. The durable overlock stitching makes it strong and durable. The non-slip surface is designed to repel moisture and won’t absorb your sweat or become slippery. Embedded with a durable double-Velcro strap that offers extra support to hold the waist trimmer in position.
Why this is the best waist trimmer
Comes in multiple lengths for your perfect fit
Double Velcro for extra support
Non-slip surface designed to repel moisture
Contoured and flexible for comfortable workouts
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