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SanDisk Cruzer

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
by SanDisk

Flash drives have become as ubiquitous as cell phones, and the large number of them out in the wild has caused most distinguishing characteristics to melt away. This is certainly true of the SanDisk Ultra (32GB), which boasts only average features and durability along with a decent capacity and an attractive, svelte design. Although it doesn’t protect your data with government-grade security like the Editors’ Choice  (8GB, $14 street, 4 stars), considering what this USB 2.0–only does offer, it’s reasonably priced at $84.99 direct, although other capacities of 8GB ($32.99 direct), 16GB ($54.99 direct), and 64GB ($144.99 direct) are available as well.


The SanDisk Ultra  bears a striking resemblance to a finger, specifically one severed at the second joint, a similarity reinforced by the underside of the front, which sports the same sloped concavity as a fingertip while sitting directly beneath what looks like a fingernail. It also doesn’t help that, in keeping with the red-black color scheme of the flash drive, the retractable USB plug on the back of the drive (i.e., the severed section) sports a crimson flourish. (I don’t have a macabre obsession with limbs, honest.)

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