Buy WolVol :WolVol 2-in-1 Vanity Set Girls Toy Makeup Accessories with Working Piano & Flashing Lights, Big Mirror, Cosmetics, Working Hair Dryer – Glowing Princess Will Appear When Pressing The Mirror-Button
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Beautiful Vanity Salon Activity Playset with Big Mirror and Stool to sit on
The piano is installed with 2 modes, Music mode and Key mode
Equipped with Toy Jewelries, Cosmetics and Hair Accessories
Vanity height is 28.5 inches, Stool height is 6 inches
Requires a total of 7 AA batteries (3 for the Piano, 3 for the Mirror, 1 for the Hair Dryer), not included
This vanity toy set includes everything a child could imagine in a vanity set. 1 necklace, 2 bracelets, 2 rings, 2 lipsticks, 3 nail polish, 2 stylish hair rubbers, comb, battery operated hair dryer, mirror, small chair and an installed piano. Perfect for little girl to explore her imaginations. The WolVol girls vanity play set will keep her occupied for hours of fun and pretend play. The installed piano is an additional feature to the all in one vanity set! Already played with the cosmetics for hours and want now to switch your play toy? open the piano and learn how to play on the keyboard! Press the heart-shaped button on the mirror and a glowing princess will appear on mirror and music will play. Note: there is a separate power switch in back of the mirror and separate power switch on bottom of the dresser, you need to power both switches on so everything could play. A great gift idea for kids who deserve it. Nice big colored packaging. Perfect beauty play set for girls.

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