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ION Audio Projector Deluxe HD – Battery/AC Powered 720P HD Bluetooth®️-Enabled Projector with Powerful Speaker!
Play movies, video games, karaoke and more anywhere, indoors or out, with this high-power multimedia 70-Watt Stereo Speaker with built-in 720p HD LED Projector! If ever there was a total party in one box, Projector Deluxe™️ HD is it! This amazing unit projects full-color karaoke, video games, and movies from 30 inches to an amazing 150 inches with its brilliant built-in 720p HD Projector. With an amazing built-in speaker, your room will come alive with great sound as well as terrific visuals. If you want to simply listen to music, the Projector Deluxe HD with powerful speaker can stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth®️-enabled device for the ultimate convenience. Projector Deluxe™️ HD has a rechargeable battery which delivers about 2 hours of video or up to 100 hours of music when fully charged. Using Projector Deluxe™️ HD is so easy. A high-quality microphone is also included for instantaneous Karaoke and it includes two 1/4" mic inputs with vocal and echo effects for duets. You and your friends will never sound better behind the mic! The only drawback to Projector Deluxe™️ HD with speaker is that your guests will never want to leave!

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