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Bought A52 5G just over three weeks ago. It was ok overall, and cameras are pretty nice. However, moisture and dust detector in the charging port is hyper-sensitive and its warnings can last for days at a time without obvious cause. Eventually it goes into constant "moisture/dust detected" mode and no amount of drying, cleaning and waiting will change that. The problem is that moisture/dust warnings prevent the phone from charging. At all. Which, naturally, results in the phone being non-functional. At all. About as useful as a brick.
Now I’m waiting for a wireless charger to arrive. If it works – downloading my photos from that phone and exchanging it as soon as possible for literally anything that doesn’t have moisture/dust detector. A disaster. Such a shame that an overall decent phone is rendered easily the worst I’ve ever had (naturally, since it’s now dead!) by that "brilliant" moisture/dust detector "feature"…

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