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The murder of a record promoter exposed the steamy side of the Southern California beach resort. With its wide beaches, continual sunshine, and casual ambiance, Malibu is one of Southern California’s favorite beach resorts. Charlie Minor was a fixture in the Malibu world of big money and all night soirees. As a record promoter, Minor had earned the nickname “Jaws” for talking nonstop on six phone lines simultaneously. He had garnered both fame and fortune boosting the careers of artists like Sting, Janet Jackson and Brian Adams. City Confidential: Malibu reports that Minor liked to play hard and picked women from the shadier side of Malibu to join him. One such woman was Suzette McClure, a laid-off aerospace worker who turned to stripping to pay the bills. Minor had a bad habit of telling women he wanted to marry them, and McClure took him at his word. When she found him in bed with a new girlfriend she decided to do something about it. McClure’s loss of control led to tragedy, but some feel that Minor’s lifestyle was the real culprit in the crime that cost “Good Time Charlie” his life.
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