The Value Investing India Report Premium Access service provides you with actionable investment ideas for the Indian equity market and helps you learn how to become a more successful value investor.value investing

Many people get their information about investment ideas from commissioned brokers and financial planners, who are often pushed by their corporate managers to promote investments for reasons having little to do with the needs of their clients.

I get daily e-mails about alpha ideas from my broker that are little more than trading tips. It goes against every investment belief that I hold. The ideas are short-term focused, based on momentum and marginal fundamental analysis. It’s clear that they are only trying to increase their brokerage revenue.

At the Value Investing India Report, we believe in a more straightforward model. Namely, we do the heavy lifting of uncovering and analyzing stock ideas based on a proven value investing methodology; then, when we find ideas that pass our strict investment criteria, we share only the best ones with our Premium Access subscribers. In exchange, we charge no commissions but rather a very reasonable annual subscription fee.

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