le style="width:100%"> Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC is offering K5 v2 80L Adventure Hiking Photo Pack to learn more Click Here Sale Price: $ 340.99 Camera, lenses, laptop, tablet and all other camera accessories NOT included. Nylon 420 HD SD 2xPU, Nylon 210D Rip Stop, Nylon 630D OX HD 2xPU. Hybrid: Hiking /Camera pack. Removable Camera Pod. Accommodates: PRO DSLR body with up to 9″ long lens with additional 3 to 4 more lenses, flash and accessories. 33.5 in. L x 13.8 in. W x 8.7 in. H (8.7 lbs.)The second generation of the Adventure series continues to offer unparalleled design and features. These packs are full-featured lightweight and comfortable, providing versatility for a variety of adventures. Styling and materials have been upgraded as well. Removable camera pod can be used separately or together with the pack and easily attached to the front harness. These true professional Hybrid packs are the ideal solution for all your outdoor photography needs. Naneu K5 v2 80L (best of PMA 2008) can carry a week’s worth of hiking gear including a dedicated removable camera pod that can accommodate a PRO DSLR body with up to 9 in. long lens with additional 3 to 4 more lenses, flash and accessories. It enables you to keep hiking while the pack is on the back and the camera pod is at the front should you need to snap a quick photo. Some outdoor photographers just use it as a weight balancing. How to get this deal?
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