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This 1-hour Uber course will teach you how to turn your endless hours in the car from boring unproductive time to cash in your pocket and reveal exactly when and where to go to make the most money in the city. By becoming an Uber driver, you will learn the ins and outs of writing as rideshare professional. Everything from registering with the company to buying a car, hiring driving partners and even choosing what level of uber driver you want to be. With 14 lectures, you will learn important ride share professional skills to help you build a high-quality profile and reputation by the end of this course.
Access 14 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
Learn the necessary information & skills to set up an account, as well as the process of becoming a successful driver
Understand the legal difference between being a contractor and an employee of Uber
Know how to set the most profitable work schedule for your region
Choose the best Uber designation for your vehicle
Learn how to find & hire the best drivers to forum business partnerships with

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